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What Happened To My Foot & Talking To Strangers Podcast 118

Written by orlan52

I’m injured!! And I need to talk about it… All the show notes will be up on and make sure to follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram for the latest updates.

Warm Up: 

I saw Brittany Runs a Marathon!

Loved… that it’s about running! Made me want to run the New York City Marathon again! It’s really amazing. 

I started to worry the movie focused on her weight loss and the scale too much – but it changed focus before the end.

Okay… maybe I did a little spoiler but it’s because I’m currently injured and she get injured and I had to mention it.

If you’re mad… go for a run to get it off your mind.

Too bad I can’t run since I’m INJURED and very SAD so don’t be mad anymore. K. Thanks.

Check out more about the movie Brittany Runs a Marathon here 

Listened to “Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell 

My condo sold!

New Q&A from Instagram includes:

Advice for a 1st time marathon runner?

Do you talk to Ben? New romance?? 

Since RnR LA is not happening – what race do you suggest?

Follow @RunEatRepeat on Instagram so you don’t miss me and then one day I die and you think, I regret not following her…

Foot Injury – How/When I Hurt It and Update

What happened with my foot…

Friday… 2 weeks ago.

Saturday… Long run cut short.

Sunday… Long run attempt #2 – and when the pain turned up big time and I couldn’t walk and limped home.

Monday… I went to urgent care.

Tuesday… My primary care doctor. 

top of foot pain for runners

You can read the posts about my injured foot here: 

I Hurt My Foot! 

Update on my Foot.

Resources for Runners with Foot Pain


  1. Get Well Spoon!!
  2. Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend Podcast… is it a redhead thing to not have friends?
  3. Diego for letting me try different Halloween costumes on him.


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